Saturday, February 26, 2011

It Takes Two

Hello, my little blogiverse...

So much has changed between now and all my past entries... I don't even know where to begin with this one! So I guess I will just come out and say it.

I am pregnant! Well... not just pregnant. I am REALLY pregnant. I found out yesterday, that Josh and I are expecting not one but TWO little ones. This explains the crazy symptoms I have had this time around. And the fact that I have been quite the raging you know what! :P

I went to the ER yesterday upon getting a voicemail from my GYN (who was helping me with my early pregnancy until my OB could fit me in) telling me he was concerned with my symptoms (alot of mild cramping that was really persistent.) and that he would like me to go to the hospital ASAP. So I did. I completely expected to go in and find nothing odd and be back at work before lunch. Speedy nurses got me through the blood draws and routine tests in record time. Then I was sent to the u/s room. I mentioned my past experience of there not being much to see at this point. (Of course as of yesterday I had been given a list of Due Dates spanning about 2 weeks! My levels showed 10/15/11 and my LMP showed 10/25/11. I kind of knew something was up... But I figured maybe it was just a girl. They generally cause confusion after they are born and as they grow up, so why not practice in the womb?) So you can imagine my surprise when I was in the room for over 30 minutes with this lovely wand in a place I don't wish to speak about. I even said to the lady "Now don't tell me there are twins!" As my polite "Heh, heh.... HURRY THE HELL UP!" She said "If it makes you feel better *I* won't tell you anything." I begin to think perhaps not all is well when the second lady is fetched. She and Lady #1 whisper and prod their magic wand and take many more pictures. I am starting to get rather nervous in fact. I get taken back to my room and start to familiarize myself with all the options that could await me. I prepare Josh that not everything is normal. The doctor comes in, sits down (that's usually less than good...) and says "Well, looks like you are about 6 weeks pregnant with twins." I stare. I blink. My mouth hangs open. I must have looked dreadful. I said to him, "Hold on... Let me lay down............ Now what did you say again?" He said it again. He really did say twins. Oh. My. Lord. My mind fluctuates between "WOW!" "EEEEEEP!!! :D" and "HOLY SH*T!!!" but I can't say anything. Eventually I regain some ability to think. The Doctor tells me that he saw two babies, two heartbeats, both around 100 bpm... One nice round sac and one smaller long sac. He is concerned for the smaller of the two. He put me on bedrest until my OB could see me.

So here I am. Still in bed on a Saturday evening. I see the OB at noon on Monday. My mind is still spinning. I have however, almost fully absorbed the idea of two little peanuts in there. Two cribs... Two carseats... Twice the diapers... WOW!!! I would have never dreamed this would happen to us, but I am so happy!!! I feel so incredibly blessed. I never win anything... I feel like I have won the pregnancy lottery! Now I am just praying and asking everyone I know to pray for the health of these little ones! I have gotten so attatched to the idea of two little lives inside me... I have done some research and feel alot better but I will truly breath a sigh of relief when we find two little heartbeats again on Monday. :)