Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Make Em Laugh

So some of you may be familiar with my latest comedic obsession. I am addicted to the website Damn You Autocorrect. It is a collection of texts gone horribly wrong due to iPhone malfunctions... In case you live in a cave, Mac apparently is so superior that it knows exactly what you want to say... even if you type something completely different. Heh. Exactly why I have a palm... I digress... So I will read this site until I am crying and sore all over from laughing so hard. It seems to be sweeping the facebook world and more and more people are sharing from the site. Good for them. :)

DYAC recently challenged it's fans to make videos of themselves reading the site and cracking up at it. Why of course I would have to take on this task. So here it is in all it's unglory: My DYAC Viewing Video...

I have posted the video on Youtube as well, here is the URL you can visit.

You need to check out the website though! Laughter is so good for you. Go have a dose and then some.